# U L T R A J U M P R O P E


What is Team Ultra?

Team Ultra established in 2014 is an international award winning jump rope team. Our team has over number titles in world and asian championships. We aspire to train the best athletes and inspire more talents to join jump rope as a sport and fitness training. #everyjumpcount

🔥Train with proven training methods and structured skill training ladder
🔥Potential opportunity to join international championships with outstanding performance
🔥Exposure to competition, social media platform and performance
🔥Be an inspiration to spread jump rope through multi-dimension channels

Who are we looking for?

👉🏻Genuine & Passionate Jump Roper to join our team
👉🏻Individuals open to pursue a career in jump rope & coaching field
👉🏻Highly disciplined Athletes with Champion mindset
👉🏻All Age ranges are welcomed
👉🏻All Skill Levels are welcomed

Create your memorable moments in life with us💪🏻