Hong Kong Institute of Rope Skipping.
Visionary and Extraordinary


Hong Kong Institute of Rope Skipping (HKIRS), officially established in 2014 by a group of passionate skippers, is young but experienced, with the dedication to the promotion of sports culture. Not only does HKIRS aim at offering innovative and quality rope skipping programs in the hope of the enhancement of body coordination, but we also equally emphasize the essence of fitness, which many Hong Kong people lack nowadays. In the face of the rising prevalence of physical unfitness of Hong Kong people, we strongly believe our continuous and intensive trainings can succeed our participants in terms of teamwork, self-confidence, leadership skills and sportsmanship.


Bring Innovations and Inspirations through Rope Skipping.



Rope Skipping Coach Service

Our coaches provide participants with affordable coaching packages based on proven principles of exercise science. By means of a systematic rope skipping training syllabus, participants’ physique, self-confidence, team spirit and communication skills can be greatly enhanced.


Rope Skipping Performance Service

Our performance crews, awarded many significant titles in both local and international tournaments, consists of the delegation of HKSAR rope skipping team . Such a professional and energetic crew is capable of delivering astonishing performance in ceremonies of commercial events, annual dinners, carnivals and school visits.


Equipment Sales and Rental

We carry an extensive line of rope skipping equipment, including wire ropes, beaded ropes, speed ropes and everything in between, available for rental and sales. Whether you are renting or buying, give HKIRS a call to know further details.


Team Building Service

Our team building workshop is characterised by its specially-designed debriefing sessions, using experiential learning activities as training metaphors, to establish a strong impact on participants by directly associating the training experience with reality.


Cardio Jump Fitness

Cardio Jump is a new rope skipping concept originated from HKIRS. Our Programmed Fitness Course is suitable for both new learners and experienced. Check out the course schedule now.


Studio Rental

A spacious studio (approximately 1000 sq. ft.) located in Tai Wai is available for rental. Such a favorable place furnished with mirrors is an ideal venue for sports classes, theme-based parties, business events and etc.

“HKIRS aiming to bring innovations to the society can surely take you through the rewarding journey of unleashing human potential. “

Karl Cheung
HKIRS Founder

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