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[intro_text title=”HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF ROPE SKIPPING” icon=”fa-star-o”] Freshly established in 2014 by a group of passionate skippers, Hong Kong Institute of Rope Skipping is a young, but experienced institute that inspires teenagers in Hong Kong to not only physical, but also emotional and social fitness. HKIRS aims not only at offering innovative and quality rope skipping programs for developing technical skipping skills, but we also emphasize the essence of fitness, which many teenagers lack nowadays. Due to the rising prevalence of physical unfitness of Hong Kong teenagers, we strongly believe our continuous and intensive trainings can succeed our participants in terms of teamwork, self-confidence, leadership skills and sportsmanship. [/intro_text]
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2014 FISAC World Youth and International Open Rope Skipping Tournament  Male Master Event 3rd Place in Overall
2014 FISAC World Rope Skipping Championships Male Team 5th in Overall
2012 FISAC World Rope Skipping Championships Male Team 2nd Place in Overall
2012 FISAC World Rope Skipping Championships Male Open Master Event 6th Place in Overall
World Record Holder – Male Event Single Rope Speed Relay
5-Year Elite Coaching Experience
Coach of the Team Macau
Coach of “Skip with friend International Rope Skipping Camp” in Germany 2013, 2014
Convenor of the Membership and Welfare Services Organizing Committee of Hong Kong Rope Skipping Association, China

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[callout title=”Rope Skipping is beyond your imagination.” btn_link=”#contact” btn_text=”More info” target=”_self”]Our creativity will bring you a new dimension for rope skipping[/callout]
[hex heading=”Technical Advice” img=”973″ add_link=”true” url=”” target=”_blank” effect=”flipInY ” start_delay=”500″ animate_check=”true” delay=”100″]Equipped with Professional Rope Skipping Knowledge, we are able to design different modules for rope skipping learning for all walks of lives. Grab a rope now![/hex]
[hex heading=”Routine Design” img=”1024″ pull=”true” effect=”flipInY ” start_delay=”200″ delay=”100″ animate_check=”true”]Not only a sport is rope skipping, but it is also an exciting kind of entertainment. [/hex]
[hex heading=”Equipment Expert” img=”1026″ effect=”flipInY ” start_delay=”1000″ delay=”100″ animate_check=”true”]With our professional knowledge on rope skipping, we are able to provide relevant rope skipping equipment for skippers[/hex]
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Mobile: +852 6652 0722

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