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  • Nov182020

    英國靚女Lauren疫情成KOL Lockdown開始跳繩!10個月坐擁188K粉絲!

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  • Nov172020

    當Lockdown無可避免 跳繩成為救星!

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  • Apr172018

    20 Reasons You Should Not Jump Rope (I)

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  • Mar202018

    4 Ways to Make Yourself Happy

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  • Aug172015

    8th Asian Rope Skipping Championships 2015 – Winning titles

    In the 8th Asian Rope Skipping Championships held Malaysia organized by the Asian Rope Skipping Federation, the skippers from Hong Kong Institute of Rope Skipping (delegating…

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  • Jun082015

    Tissot Limitless Challenge 2015 Performance

    Nice weather! We had 4 great performance in the Hong Kong 1st Obstacle Run! Tissot Limitless Challenge 2015. YOUR ONLY LIMIT IS YOU. #ultrars #touchyourlimit  

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